Angevin Roofing:  The scope, a website that worked as a 24×7 salesperson, not just a site that provided a phone number and email address. A site that could showcase all elements of the business and professional services offered.

The brief included:

  • A site that could display a wide ranging portfolio
  • A 15+ page website able to show specifics of each service
  • Working with existing sign written business and printed logos
  • Content for each page
  • Improved SEO
  • Modern clean interactive site
  • Domain transfer assistance from previous designer
  • Hosting and monthly support (including content updates and changes),
  • Facebook and Twitter branded accounts created
  • Social Media Management

FINAL DESIGN OF Angevin Roofing

Stephen was a lot of fun to work with, bursting with ideas and services as well as location targets not to mention colours, new to technical solutions and had no prior knowledge of social media, but full understoof=d the need for an attention grabbing website and the need for SEO  and was paying an SEO specialist to work on his site who was actually just paying Google for Ad placement – Always check what you are getting with these specalists make sure you understand what you are paying for.

VISIT Angevin Roofing

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